1. d r e a m d r e a m d r e a m .

  2. take the wine and dance on the bar

    make eyes with a cat and the violin far

  3. dazed and definitely confused.

  4. away from the world.

  5. dreaming of islands.

  6. this crazy one.

  7. w a v e s .

  8. i wanna bring you breakfast in the morning i wanna knock on your door tomorrow night.

  9. are you still rolling your own cigarettes ..

  10. Hemingway’s Lounge Hollywood Madness.


  11. xylophone magic.

    midnight comes. on the floor. with the xylophone. with those words. the only voice i have. with everything beyond. this foreign land. my cave somewhere down. the complex obsession. fucked up precious darlings. me and you and us. all night till sunrise. a song from a stranger. saved my day in between. now bring me up.

  12. hanging high.

  13. restless days.

  14. up and above.

  15. new songs new haze new mountains.