1. but then you came into my life and made it all magical and fucked it all up ..

  3. a little something from The Standard hotel unplugged night a couple weeks ago.

  4. blurry dreams.

  5. X

  6. making it breaking it bruising it loving it.

  8. dream high , see it all .

    ( still shot from new video out very soon )

  9. last min summa show tomorrow night at The Standard hotel in hollywood land . we play at 7.30 pm .

  10. f e e l i t a l l .

    new song . new ep . coming soon . 

    recorded this baby in paris and can’t wait to share the new madness .

    very soon ! ! ! ! 

  11. troubled times.

  12. he lights a cigarette takes a drag and hands it to me.

    i’m rushed and i’m high feeling it all.

    i look away and watch the city lights disappear.

    the taxi driver changes the song and i remember the old days.

    we ride into the night he brings the whisky and i run the highs.

    a million drums in my veins that can’t stop.

  13. dear you, please don’t bring me sorrow where sorrow is not to be found, trust me, i will fight and you will loose, heart yours.

  14. acoustic fun times for bellus magazine tv.

  15.  p a r t y .